Election Runner - The Game Changing Online Voting Software


Election Runner was designed to meet the particular needs of schools and other organizations, crafted to allow institutions to utilize cloud based tools in their efforts to run simple elections.

Elections are a fairly common practice in most organizations, used to select those individuals that will carry out specific roles and execute a particular set of responsibilities as determined by the institute.

Traditional methods of electioneering are deeply flawed; this isn’t a fact that anyone can really deny. And with the advent of the internet and proliferation of information technology services throughout modern society, it is hardly surprising that many of organizations would look to the digital arena for effective solutions to the election issue.



Why Election Runner?

The simple fact is this, internet based polling mechanism is hardly new. In fact there are myriads of online tools that have, over the years, proven every effective in enabling individuals and organizations to execute polls online.

However elections are quite the complex issue; not only are their numerous rules involved but all elections require voters to be verified before they can cast their ballots. The majority of online polling systems will prove effective in availing feedback from a wide variety of individual.

However that is hardly an election; one could go so far as to call meaningless any election in which anyone can vote. With election runner you will be able to not only determine who can vote but the fact that you can assign the voters special IDs for logging in to cast their ballots adds to the convenience.


This is the crux of Election Runner’s system, or at least the element that is attracting the most buzz from a vast majority of the online community. With Election Runner, you have complete freedom to personalize your election’s design anyway you might want, from adding logos to changing the color elements.

The idea here is simple; you might want to make the election compatible with your brand. Personalizing the design will allow you to endear your election to your voters, especially those that might be attached to the brand.

Even the addition of a logo can do wonders in inspiring trust from potential voters.

Additional features will include:

• Access to Election traffic statistics.

• The ability to import voter records from Excel.

• A 256 bit encryption for purposes of security.

• The ability to import ballots from Excel.

• Mechanisms are in place to enable you to notify your voters of the voting process and details such as time via email.

• Voter tracking and election auditing systems.

Along with a custom voting domain, election runner has been optimized for mobile devices. This means that users can vote on the subject in question from any location using whatever device is on hand.

The Bottom Line

Along with various discount offers, election runner is the only choice for an affordable method of carrying out elections online. Keep in mind the complexities involved with elections and all the problems that tend to emerge

Then take into account the simplicity of Election Runner, whose features have been crafted to simplify the process of preparing, managing, maintaining and scrutinizing an election and its result.

While baring one or two small kinks in its armor, one would be hard pressed to locate a more effective online election system that is so affordable.