When Is The Best Time To Change Your Car Door Locks?

A locked car door is undoubtedly an automobile's first line of defense. The car locks serve as an excellent deterrent in keeping out any thieves or unwanted passengers, and it keeps you, your valuable possessions and the car safe while driving or when it's parked. As time passes by, the door locks can lose their strength and integrity, leading to possible security breaches. When is the best time to change door lock for your car? Here are some instances:

Change Door Lock After A Break In

At any point in time that your automobile is the unfortunate target of a robbery or a break-in, the best thing to do is to have your door locks changed. This might seem obvious to some, but an alarming event such as a burglary can drive common sense away. More often than not, the locks themselves are either picked or forced, which means the lock's integrity is compromised until changed. Although the door handle or the locks might seem fine, the insides or the mechanics of the lock may already be weakened. Your keys might not even work the next time around, which may cause troublesome inconveniences as you are locked out of your own car. Replacing the locks will only take a moment, and the peace of mind it provides is definitely worth it.

When You Gave the Keys to a Person You No Longer Trust

it happens to everyone- you have a car and you give duplicate car keys to a loved one, someone whom you trust completely. Then some things happen, you get separated or you no longer trust that person with your car. Sure, they may have handed the car keys to you, but who's to say that they haven't made a duplicate? Protect yourself and your investment, and eliminate any possibilities by changing locks- you will be glad you did.

Change Door Lock When Your Keys Are Lost or Stolen

This maxim works just like when you lose your wallet, or when your credit card is compromised. You call the credit card company, then report a lost or stolen card so they can send you a new one with a new pin and expiration date for your protection. The same goes for your door locks- change them as soon as you notice that your car keys are missing. You may need to hire a locksmith and have a duplicate key made to be able to drive it home, but you will need to have it changed immediately to erase any uneasiness about a complete stranger having access to your car keys.

When The Lock Shows Wear and Tear

if you've had your automobile for more than 5 years or so, then it is safe to assume you will need to change them. When you turn the keys, do they catch a little bit, or do you need to jiggle it a bit to open the lock? Do your locks have a mind of its own, refusing to unlock at times, and unlocking for some odd reason? If so, then it is time to change your locks. Don't wait until you are left out in the cold and unable to enter your car until you find time to change door locks!